California opens up!

May 6, 2021 By 0 comment

Yes, indeed: California opens up for open minded riders and their open roads.
2 Wheels Deluxe with its fleet of comfortable touring motorcycles, E-bikes and bicycles is waiting for those eager to hit the road and conquer the Wild West again.
Cases of COVID in California are down sharply from the winter.
The state averaged no more than 2,700 new cases over the last week — roughly the same average from two weeks ago in March 2021, but way below a peak average of about 46,000 new daily cases back on December 21, Johns Hopkins University data show.
California has the lowest Covid-19 positivity rate in the nation at 1.7%, far from its peak of 17.1% in early January. The US test positivity rate averaged 5.71% over the seven days, as of beginning of April, US Health and Human Services data show. The World Health Organization last year advised governments not to reopen until test positivity rates were 5% or lower for at least 14 days.
California has no plan to impose a vaccine passport plan system.
Nevertheless, the riders will always maintain the safety and healthy distance. That is a plus for those ready to hop on the 2 wheels and go with the wind. In fact we love wearing masks, hoodies or even full-face helmets.                                    Keep in touch with 2 Wheels Deluxe and join our great tours.

Stay healthy my friends and keep riding!


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