The motorcycle renter must be at least 25 years old and to have at least 3 years experience in riding a similar motorcycle with one rented form 2 Wheels Deluxe.

SECURITY DEPOSIT is required on a major credit card at pick-up time:

$2500.00 – STANDARD;

$2000 when DAMAGE PROTECTION COVERAGE is purchased;

$1500 when DAMAGE PROTECTION and FLAT TIRE COVERAGE is purchased


DAMAGE PROTECTION COVERAGE: 2 Wheels Deluxe will pay for any damage up to $1000 while the renter will pay $0.000. In case of theft or accident the renter will pay up to $1000. Flat tire is not covered by “DAMAGE PROTECTION”

FLAT TIRE REPAIR AND LABOR: 2 Wheels Deluxe will pay the cost for maximum one flat tire replacement and labor per each purchased policy, valid for the entire rental contract.

HOTEL RESERVATION AND VEHICLE REPLACEMENT: this coverage is offered in addition to the renter’s travel insurance; this optional coverage is to be used in the event of a mechanical breakdown requiring the motorcycle to be in repairing shop for more than 12 hours; 2 Wheels Deluxe will assist the renter in finding and making lodging reservation; 2 Wheels Deluxe will provide the renter with up to $55.00/day for a replacement rental vehicle (car or similar motorcycle); 2 Wheels deluxe will refund the daily rate unused.

LIMITED LIABILITY INSURANCE is included in the renter’s rental contract. This will provide the renter with INSURANCE COVERAGE in excess of renter’s insurance with: bodily injury caused to others ($15,000/person), bodily injury caused to others ($30,000/accident), property damage caused to others ($5000)


The bicycle renter must be at least 18 years old, unless he/she is accompanied by guardian. The rider must prove skills and minimum experience in riding on 2 wheels.

A valid I.D. and a major credit card is required to rent an E-bike or a bicycle. The renter must read carefully the rental contract agreement and be completely aware of the risks and liabilities while renting a bicycle.

The helmets are mandatory for renters accompanied by guardians and are optional for all the others.

The maximum legal speed for the bicycles and E-Bikes is 15 miles/hour.