Terms & Conditions

– The full payment amount indicated by the rental contract will be paid in full, according to the schedule (when 2 to 4 payments are planned) 30 days prior to client's motorcycle rental pick-up.

– Wire transfer costs or other services cannot be deducted from invoice

– 2 Wheels Deluxe has the right to cancel a client booking at any time if the full payment is not received as agreed and planned or if the rider shows no experience to ride the motorcycle he/she is renting

– The reservation is secured with minimum 30% of the entire cost of the invoice, when multiple payments are scheduled

– Maximum 4 scheduled payments with no interest are offered for convenience

– The payments are made via major credit cards, cash, bank check or wire transfer in $ USD

– 11 to 31 days and greater cancellation notice: total refund except the first payment which is considered credit towards future reservation
– 10 days cancellation notice: no refund and 50% of the invoice amount is considered towards future reservation

Requirements to secure the reservation:

  • Photo copy from the original driver license
  • Photo copy from passport (foreign customers)
  • Minimum 30% deposit 
  • Minimum 25 years of age
  • Minimum 3 years experience riding a similar motorcycle to the one rented from 2 Wheels Deluxe
  • NOTE: All documents to be submitted minimum 10m days prior to motorcycle pick-up time
    – Security deposit is required on a major credit card at the time of pick-up
    – Invoice to be paid in full per quote at the time of pick-up
    – Each renter must pass successfully a short riding test prior to departure
    – Each rider must provide a valid mobile phone number and e-mail address for emergency contact