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Crazy Horse Tour – from $2900

Address : 233 La Verne Ave Long Beach CA 90803 Duration : 14 days


Available yearly from June 15th thru September 30st. Minimum 14 days and minimum unforgettable 3000 miles of riding.

This tour is available also as an all-inclusive tour, where we provide all you need: rental motorcycles and lodging reservations in places we know and have explored personally. The tour is also available as a self-guided tour – with a provided itinerary in the GPS – and as a guided tour – where one of our experienced guides will lead you daily.

This tour will take you on breath taking roads of Arizona and Colorado. We will visit famous American Native museums and National Parks like Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park which is known worldwide for its beautiful nature and grandeur. We'll take you also through the exciting canyons of Utah which I call with no hesitation “the real Disneyland for motorcycle riders".

You will enjoy riding on some of the most scenic roads of California, Utah, Arizona Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Visiting some of the most beautiful National Parks and monuments in USA, will make your riding vacation a “once in a life-time experience".


233 La Verne Ave Long Beach CA 90803
Departure point

233 La Verne Avenue, Long Beach, CA, USA

Departure Time
Tour Type
14 days tour
14 days
Max People
10 people
Booking before
24 days
Contact Information

Tour guide: Traian Zaionciuc

Mobile: 17145191335



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Tour Schedule

Day 1: 380 miles
Long Beach CA to Prescott AZ

We depart from Long Beach and we'll arrive in Prescott AZ as the final destination for this first day. The itinerary will take us over some very scenic roads after our stop in Palm Springs for the morning coffee.

Day 2: 175 miles
Prescott AZ to Grand Canyon AZ

During this day we'll spend time visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. This a truly natural wonder which you will never get tired of visiting. The views from every angle are so incredibly impressive and will remain unforgettable in your mind.

Day 3: 245 miles
Grand Canyon AZ to Cortez UT

Leaving Grand Canyon, we'll ride through other famous National Parks, which will impress us with their grandeur. We'll enter the beautiful State of Colorado which will offer us winding mountainous roads, green lush forests and quaint historical mining towns.

Day 4: 270 miles
Cortez CO to Buena Vista CO

The itinerary will take us over the beautiful Colorado State mountainous roads which have an abundance of scenic views. The beautiful twisty roads are “true bliss” which will make us feel like we are riding over the Alps and indeed....we'll ride through what is likened to the Switzerland of USA.

Day 5: 320 miles
Buena Vista CO to Scottsbluff NE

On the 5th day of our trip we'll cross Colorado State and enter Nebraska State with its long roads through farms and fields.

Day 6: 200 miles
Scottsbluff NE to Rapid City SD

The long straight roads between beautiful corn fields and ranches in Nebraska, will take us to the State of South Dakota. From the beginning nature will welcome us with green hills and deer running along the road.

Day 7: 175 miles
Visiting Crazy Horse and other attractions

Today we'll visit a few of the very well-known National Parks in the area. We'll visit also one of the most informal American Native Museums. This entire area is like it was made for motorcycles: open scenic roads with no traffic, vista points and best of all- friendly people.

DAY 8: 379 MILES
Rapid City SD to Cody WY

We'll continue riding on the open roads crossing into the beautiful state of Wyoming. The surrounding greenery of this state, the fresh air, the beauty of nature will have you dreaming about this ride for a very long time.

Day 9: 200 miles
Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park offers to its visitors a unique exposure to mother nature: wild animals, friendly buffalos, forest, geysers, etc. Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and is one of America’s most famous thanks to the Old Faithful Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring. Come to Yellowstone to see grizzly and black bears, thousands of wild bison, packs of wolves, giant waterfalls and the largest concentration of active geysers on Earth.

Day 10: 435 miles
Cody WY to Ogden UT

Crossing the state of Idaho we'll arrive in Ogden UT. The roads are open, welcoming, the beautiful openness of the state of Idaho will make us feel like we are flying over a wonderland.

Day 11: 250 miles
Ogden UT to Torrey UT

On this 11th day, the itinerary will take us through the vastness of the State of Utah. It is impressive and overwhelming. We'll arrive at a quaint and inspiring place near another famous but not very well-known National Park.

Day 12: 200 miles
Torrey UT to Cedar City UT

Today we'll visit Bryce Canyon and we'll ride over a breath taking road where Mother Nature was overwhelmingly generous with everything she had.

Day 13: 175 miles
Cedar City UT to Las Vegas NV

Today we'll ride through a few last canyons which the State of Utah spoils us with and we'll enter the city of lights, shows and night life: Las Vegas. The abundance of lights and restless life is something so typical to this city.

Day 14: 290 miles
Las Vegas NV to Long Beach CA

This is the last day of journey. We'll enjoy again the open road coming back to the beach cities on the beautiful Pacific Coast.

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