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Estes Tour – from $1800 – August 2nd to August 10th, 2023

Address : 233 La Verne Ave Long Beach CA 90803 Duration : 8 days


Estes Tour is a one way tour offered for June 2023 with departure on August 2th and arrival in Denver Colorado on August 10th.
This tour is a tour designed to bring under your 2 wheels the most symbolic natural beauties you can find West of the Rocky Mountains: the ocean, the deserts with natural beauties, the canyons, the steep and twisty mountain roads and so many others.
This tour will take you from the beautiful Pacific Coast, though the various nature of the Arizona State where cactus is predominant. The road will open again to the canyons of Utah which are like a museum of nature with sculptures in red rocks. As soon as we say that we had enough of heat and dryness, the itinerary will take us over the Rockies. The feel we have is like riding in Europe over Alps. No wonder we'll cross thru the Switzerland of USA.
Colorado will impress us with everything above: red canyons, green forest, lakes, country pioneer type of little towns, twisty mountain roads, good food, quiet times, cool and hot evenings. EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO FEEL while riding.


233 La Verne Ave Long Beach CA 90803
Departure point

233 La Verne Avenue, Long Beach, CA, USA

Departure Time
Tour Type
8 days tour
8 days
Max People
10 people
Booking before
18 days
Contact Information

Tour guide: Traian Zaionciuc

Mobile: 17145191335



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Tour Schedule

Day 1: 382 miles
Long Beach CA to Prescott AZ

This first day of the itinerary will take us from the Pacific Ocean to the surprising scenic and mountainous roads of the State of Arizona. We'll stop for a morning coffee in Palm Springs.

Day 2: 220 miles
Prescott AZ to Grand Canyon AZ

Departing Prescott we will visit other little touristy and historic towns which will make you fall in love with Arizona. Part of this second day is also spent visiting the Grand Canyon, a National Park which you do not want to miss.

Day 3: 166 miles
Grand Canyon AZ to Tuba City AZ

Today we'll spend more time in the morning around Grand Canyon and then we'll ride in the Navajo Indian reservation.

Day 4: 270 miles
Tuba City AZ to Durango CO

During this 4th day of this tour we'll visit the Monument Valley National Park with its impressive "natural monuments" which all make you feel like a tiny creature in this vast universe. You will be in awe of the beauty of "the red desert”.

Day 5: 150 miles
Durango CO

This 5th day of our riding adventure is a relaxing day spent in beautiful and historical Durango. Short ride(s) are optional for a nice picnic lunch along the nearby river.

Day 6: 259 miles
Durango CO to Buena Vista CO

Crossing over the Rockies and riding on very scenic roads while going thru towns, all together make you feel like you are in the Switzerland of USA. We'll stop in historic towns which are specific biker destinations. We'll stop at Vista Points to enjoy scenic views which resemble the Alps in Europe.

Day 7: 120 miles
Buena Vista CO to Glenwood Springs CO
The 7th day of this tour is dedicated to some of the famous ski resorts in Colorado State. Visiting these little well-known towns will become memorable as part of this trip experience. We'll enjoy multiple scenic roads going to high altitudes to stop and take photos of the vastness of this great land.
Day 8: 250 miles
Glenwood Springs CO to Denver CO

On the way to Denver we'll ride thru the memorable Rocky Mountain National Park experiencing the breath taking roads which this natural treasure can offer. Estes Park is also part of our itinerary this last day of our adventure.


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