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SW California – All Inclusive Motorcycle Tour: October 28th to November 9th

Address : 888 N.Pacific Coast Hwy. El Segundo CA 90245 Duration : 12 days


This is an All-Inclusive Tour where all lodging reservations are made in selective hotels along this 12 day itinerary through the beautiful state of California and including a few days in Nevada. This is your opportunity to explore California and make an intimate connection that is made between rider, the motorcycle and vastness of this beautiful and diverse state. California has it all!

You will arrive in Los Angeles on October the 28th and you will depart from Los Angeles on November the 9th. This tour will take you through San Diego, San Francisco and Central California with its famous wineries, Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas and Death Valley.

It is a tour you don’t want to miss: old historic towns, wineries, new and modern places and historic places from the Gold-Rush Era, national parks and much more. You will enjoy all these attractions during 12 days of riding and around 2000 miles on our comfortable touring motorcycles.


888 N.Pacific Coast Hwy. El Segundo CA 90245
Departure point

888 N Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA

888 N Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA

Departure Time
Tour Type
12 days
12 days
Max People
8 people
Booking before
25 days
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Tour guide: Traian

Mobile: 714-519-1335



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Tour Schedule

Day 1: 75 miles
Visiting Los Angeles
Following the day of your arrival in Los Angeles, this is the day when we pick up the rental motorcycles and we’ll be heading to the heart of Los Angeles to visit the most popular attractions: Hollywood, Griffith Park and much more. We leave the list open for you. Enjoy the ride!
Day 2: 232 miles
Los Angeles to San Diego
During the 2nd day, we have a short ride to the beautiful city of San Diego. We are visiting a few tourist attractions which this city will spoil us with. We'll return to Los Angeles for the 3rd night.
Day 3: 232 miles
Los Angles to san Luis Obispo
During the 3rd day of this tour we'll start riding on the beautiful Pacific Coast, continuing to visit some of the very attractive historic and authentic places located just North of Los Angeles. We'll ride through beautiful farmland and then return back on the Pacific Coast. We'll arrive in San Luis Obispo...where the real fun begins. When you want to SLO things down in your life, there’s only one place to go: San Luis Obispo. This place boasts the most relaxing, yet engaging and fun activities anywhere in California.
Day 4: 197 miles
San Luis Obispo to Monterey
We are leaving SLO to continue on the beautiful Pacific Coast. We plan to visit one of the famous land-marks in California’s history: Hearst Castle. We find this place to be a perfect symbol of The Golden State: farming plus the glamourous life of Hollywood, European art and more. We'll continue riding through the central wine country of California to end the day in Monterey.
Day 5: 178 miles
Monterey to San Francisco
Leaving Monterey on the Pacific Coast we'll enjoy the morning visiting at least 2 “gems” on the coast: Big Sur and Carmel. It is a nice low pace riding day with time to stop for coffee and lunch, photos and shopping. The Pacific Coast is beautiful at any time of the day at this time of the year. Enjoy the ride!
Day 6: 30 miles
Visiting San Francisco
On the 6th day of this tour we are going to visit San Francisco. This city offers endless attractions, great food, entertainment and so much more. It is a great historic city which we cannot miss.
Day 7: 122 miles
San Francisco to Calistoga
Leaving San Francisco behind, we'll take the Pacific Coast again. North of San Francisco, we'll be delighted with what the coast of California offers. We'll stop and visit Korbel. This is an amazing place with a lot of history about the wine country in California. The motorcycle ride in this area is purely unforgettable.
Day 8: 186 miles
Calistoga to Lake Tahoe
During this 8th day we'll continue riding through the beautiful and famous wine country which California offers and we'll enter into another part of California which is historic and authentic at the same time: the Gold Rush era. We leave the Pacific Coast behind and we'll make our way towards the North-East of California, crossing the state and visiting some of the historic places.
Day 9: 159 miles
Lake Tahoe to Bridgeport
During this day we'll enjoy another historic city from the Gold-Rush era of our state. It is an historic and authentic town in California which is always on the biker's list of stops. We'll continue on one of the most scenic roads which the Sierra Mountains can offer. We'll end the day in the proximity of Yosemite National Park.
Day 10: 297 miles
Bridgeport to Lone Pine
From the Pacific Coast and wine country, to the Gold-Rush era historic places of California, we are now visiting today the Yosemite National Park. It will impress us with its vastness and grandeur. It is a place which you will want to visit again.
Day 11: 222 miles
Lone Pine CA to Las Vegas NV
We are riding to Las Vegas the city of lights. We'll be going through Death Valley which is well-known bikers world-wide. The ride is breath taking: from mountainous scenic roads we’ll make the transition to the desert scenic roads which are so unique and purely impressive.
Day 12: 278 miles
Las Vegas NV to Los Angeles CA
We are returning to Los Angeles stopping in to visit another tourist attraction. It will remind us once again about the Gold-Rush Era in California's history. It is a fun place which you don't want to miss.

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