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CANADA: I Love ABC Tour – from $4000 – August 5th to August 26th

Address : Downtown Denver CO Duration : 21 days


Ride with us on 2 Wheels…Deluxe and visit some of the most beautiful roads in the North-west of our North American continent. We'll leave from Denver CO after a good cup of coffee. We'll ride to beautiful Montana and enter Alberta (AB) Canada. The scenic country roads in Montana and the National Parks we'll be riding thru on the way to AB (Alberta) Canada, will be an unforgettable experience, which will remain with you for the rest of your life. Calgary and Edmonton are two Canadian cities in Alberta which are part of this itinerary. On our way to British Columbia (BC) Canada, we'll ride through other natural scenic Canadian towns which will impress you with their fresh air and green lush forests. 

We'll visit beautiful Vancouver and Victoria in BC. 

We'll return to Los Angeles after riding on the beautiful Pacific coast and experiencing other scenic roads and famous National Parks. 

We guarantee that you will take a minimum 2500 pictures and that you will plan to come back for another similar jorney at the end of the trip. 


Downtown Denver CO
Departure point

Downtown Denver, Denver, CO, USA

Departure Time
Tour Type
21 days tour
21 days
Max People
10 people
Booking before
21 days
Contact Information

Tour guide: Traian Zaionciuc

Mobile: 17145191335



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Tour Schedule

Day 1: 280 miles
Denver CO to Casper WY
Riding from Denver to Casper is a beautiful ride for the first day of riding. The scenic roads will make the transition from one state Colorado to another which is Wyoming.
Day 2: 214 miles
Casper WY to Cody WY
The scenic roads in Wyoming are captivating: it is the “Wild West” which will give us the feel of freedom and wilderness.
Day 3: 200 miles
Cody WY to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park offers to its visitors a unique exposure to mother nature: wild animals, friendly buffalos, forests, geysers, etc. Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and is one of America’s most famous thanks to the Old Faithful Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring. Come to Yellowstone to see grizzly and black bears, thousands of wild bison, packs of wolves, giant waterfalls and the largest concentration of active geysers on Earth.

Day 4: 320 miles
Cody WY to Great Falls MT
We are crossing the beautiful state of Montana. Stopping in beautiful country historic towns from the 1800s. The American history is about the Gold Rush and the pioneers who were the first comers into these places.
Day 5: 320 miles
Great Falls MT to Calgary AB

Today we'll ride thru Glacier National Park which is an amphitheater of nature, a park which is purely impressive. We'll enter our friendly neighbor country - Canada with the destination for the night being Calgary.

Day 6: 186 miles
Calgary AB to Edmonton AB
Day 6 in our itinerary will start with a relaxing breakfast in beautiful Calgary. We'll ride to Edmonton AB as the final destination for the day.
Day 7: 227 miles
Edmonton AB to Jasper AB
Beautiful Alberta: scenic roads with breath taking views. A lot of places to stop and admire the natural beauties.
Day 8: 180 miles
Jasper AB to Banff AB
We are riding today on some of the most spectacular roads in North America. We'll stop and enjoy visiting Lake Louise: a lake with beautiful natural views and a lot of history in tourism.
Day 9: 300 miles
Banff AB to Kamloops BC
Beautiful Canada: riding on Interstate 1 is enjoyable and scenic. The most interesting thing besides the very scenic roads: the overpasses for wild animals to cross the road.
Day 10: 300 miles
Kamloops BC to Vancouver BC
We are continuing enjoying nature: some of the famous ski resorts, the overwhelming generosity of mother nature.
Day 11: 100 miles
Vancouver BC

Today we'll spend time enjoying beautiful Vancouver: great morning cup of coffee, walking downtown, relaxing time.

Day 12: 203 miles
Vancouver BC to Victoria BC
We are going to take a ferry to cross the water to Vancouver Island. We'll ride across the beautiful island experiencing the wilderness which this island offers and arrive to the British Colombian capital city of Victoria. An historic “British” city where we'll enjoy dinner in one of the multiple Victorian style restaurants. Don’t be surprised to see Red Double-decker buses driving by.
Day 13: 100 miles
Victoria BC to Seattle WA
We are going to cross the water by ferry again, going today to Seattle WA. A beautiful water ride after a great breakfast in Victoria and a short ride to Seattle, will color the day number 13.
Day 14: 50 miles
Seattle WA
Today we'll ride or walk to downtown Seattle for a breakfast coffee, sightseeing and more. A relaxing enjoyable day on US soil. The fish market and so many attractive points are A MUST SEE.
Day 15: 200 miles
Seattle WA to Portland OR
Going from Seattle WA to Portland OR on Hwy 5 is a scenic ride which you do not expect from a regular freeway. A lot of green forest, hilly roads, various scenic views which will make our time to ride go so fast that we'll miss it as soon as we'll arrive to Portland.
Day 16: 180 miles
Portland OR to Roseburg OR
Coming South crossing the State of Oregon, we'll enjoy stopping in small towns, the fruit stands and the boutiques offering authentic products.
Day 17: 300 miles
Roseburg OR to Crescent City CA

Leaving the little town of Roseburg we'll dive into a beautiful forest road which will open towards the beautiful Crater Lake. The scenery is beautiful and the deep blue color of this glacier lake is something that you will never forget.

Day 18: 240 miles
Crescent City CA to Ukiah CA
During this day we'll ride along the Pacific Coast and the famous Red Woods National Park. The colossal Sequoia trees over 2,000 years old are super impressive.
Day 19: 115 miles
Ukiah CA to San Francisco CA
We'll take a short ride to San Francisco where we'll enjoy the rest of the day visiting the beautiful town and its multiple attractions.
Day 20: 330 miles
San Francisco CA to San Louis Obispo CA
During this day we'll enjoy the beautiful Pacific Coast with its scenic views which are so unique
Day 21: 190 miles
San Louis Obispo CA to Los Angles CA
Enjoying more of the beautiful Pacific Coast the itinerary will take us to the final destination of the day and the end of our trip: Los Angeles

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